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Border crossing - Kosovo is not on the red or dark red list starting from 5th June 2021

Border Crossing

Certain restrictions apply for crossing the state borders and these depend on the country from which you are arriving in Slovenia. The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) closely monitors the epidemiological situation in Slovenia and globally, and prepares evaluations of the epidemiological situation in every single country. On the basis of those evaluations, the Government determines the lists of countries that are subject to the various measures that apply for entering Slovenia.

Upon your return to Slovenia, observe the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health and other measures applicable during the epidemic. We also point out that foreigners who enter Slovenia must comply with the regulations that temporarily restrict the gathering of people.

Information regarding transit and prior transit permits: Transit through Slovenia to another country – explanation.

In the areas that are not placed on the dark red or red list, there is no high risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. Please note Kosovo is not on the red or dark red list starting from 5th June 2021.

A person arriving from such an area may enter Slovenia without being ordered to quarantine at home, if upon entry they produce proof that they have resided at least 5 days in a row in an area that is not on the dark red or red list. If they are not able to prove this, it is treated as though they are arriving from an area on the red list.

If the period is shorter than five days, the personshall provide proof for the period from their departure from Slovenia to their return. This means thatthe person who departs from Slovenia and returns in less than five days is not required to provide proof of an uninterrupted five-day residency after their return, but only for the period of time when the person was not in Slovenia. If they are not able to provide relevant proof, it is considered that they are coming from an area on the red or dark red list. Conditions for entry from areas on red or dark red list are listed HERE.

The Police has launched a web application called Enter Slovenia to facilitate travelling to Slovenia. It is intended for passengers travelling to Slovenia or entering the country in order to transit through its territory. Using the application is not mandatory.

On entering Slovenia from the external Schengen border, restrictions on non-essential travel are in place for third-country nationals.