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Other information

Security issues in Kosovo

There is currently no security reason to discourage travel to the country.

Transport and traffic regime

Traffic in Kosovo is unpredictable, and the roads are poorly maintained. We warn you that the drivers in Kosovo usually drive at high speed in comparison with the speed limit, and the traffic signs are not obeyed. We suggest you to pay attention to the fact that the Serbian border authorities every entrance into Kosovo that has not been done through the checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo, consider illegal: Eg. if you enter in Kosovo through checkpoints, and in the meantime the border crossing with Macedonia is done, in this case the entrance into Serbia will be annuled.The passanger in this case must return to Serbia through Macedonia or Montenegro .The exeptions are applied only to diplomatic card holders of the Republic of Slovenia and diplomatic passport holders that are accredited in Serbia. (

Conditions for entry into Kosovo

Slovenian citizens can travel to Kosovo with a valid passport, whose validity is at least six months or with valid identity card. If the passport or identity card is lost or stolen, it is to be reported to the police station. The emergency passport in these cases will be issued by the Embassy based on police data.

Notification of residence in Kosovo

Slovenian and foreign nationals that come to Kosovo, do not have to report their residence to police. However, foreigners are obliged, upon entry at the border, to provide the exact address of residence in Kosovo, to the officials who manage the process of border control.

Health services

Slovenian citizens during their stay in Kosovo, emergency medical services have to be paid as the European Health insurance card does not cover the expenses. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (